Wholesale distributor of parts and accessories for Motorbikes

Grievas SRL

About us

We are an Argentinian SME dedicated to the wholesale commercialisation of parts and accessories for both domestic and imported motorbikes.

Since 1974, our founding members’ hard work has led us to become one of the top companies in the motorbike parts market with customers from all over the country, transcending generations.

Thanks to the solid workforce specialising in wholesale distribution of parts, we have a delivery network which covers the city of Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires, and the rest of the country, and so many customers have chosen us over the years as a supplier for their companies.

Our brands have been carefully selected to ensure quality with a wide variety of stand-out products. Our goal is to allow our customers to find everything they may need for their motorbikes in one place.

With more than 46 years in the Argentinian market, GRIEVAS is a company designed for customers who value quality and excellent customer service.

Wholesale distributor of

parts and accessories for motorbikes

01. Spark plugs

02. Helmets

03. Tyres

04. Lubricants

05. Batteries

06. Transmissions

07. Parts

08. Accessories

09. Clothing

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We are @GrievasSRL_Motopartes

We are located at Fonrouge 1390, CABA.

We represent the best brands
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